Week 2!!

Week Two is here and y'all, I'm feeling so good! This first week really has helped jump start my digestive system and has really given me motivation for the following weeks.  That being said, I'm so excited week two of this cleanse is here. I'm not gonna lie, y'all...I got so tired of drinking my food!! Ha!

Don't get me wrong, I still love my smoothies. Speaking of, one of my favorite go-tos is super refreshing and detoxing. All I do is blend strawberries, a whole lemon, coconut water, and ice...perfect for a summer day!

And do y'all remember that sauerkraut that I made about a week ago?? It is G-O-O-D!! I can eat it raw in salads OR I've discovered an awesome smoothie.  It makes it taste a little tangy and fills it with awesome, natural probiotics.  In total I used, frozen berries, banana, sauerkraut, and a whole orange. I was shocked how delicious it was! For years I've been taking probiotics in pill form..but to have a natural substitute would be much healthier and definitely cheaper!

The jar that I infused with Dill is my favorite for salads. If any of you try other herbs, let me know what your favorites are!! 

Now- onto Week Two

Breakfasts and lunches are optionally still smoothies, but for dinner and otherwise, I'm introducing eggs and cooked veggies! Get ready for some crustless quiches and some yummy grilled veggies!! 

Just like last week, still no meat, alcohol, fried, or processed food.  Instead, the focus is on adding all the fruits and veggies. I love that my plate/bowl/cup is filled with a rainbow of colors, knowing I'm fueling my body with the most natural energy source our earth provides! 

Stay tuned for recipes and updates!