Countdown to Summer and Wedding

It's the final countdown (singing Europe in my head..)!  Summer is right around the corner AND my sister is getting married!! - all the feels!!

I don't know about y'all, but I gotta kick it in high gear for the next few weeks.  I've definitely fallen prey to the extra slices of pizza, a couple more chicken wings, and alllllllllll that easter candy. And now just the thought of a bathing suit seems a bit daunting.  

But I'm sticking to my guns this time! Y'all can help me be accountable too. 

Starting today, I'm starting what I'm calling my 'lifestyle cleanse'.  I've created a 6 week cleanse for a couple friends and myself, that in turn will hopefully turn into better lifestyle decisions. *Fingers crossed*

I'll be keeping y'all posted on my goals for each week as well as the final summer/wedding countdown! 


Week 1:

No fried or processed foods!

No alcohol!

No meat!

Yes raw veggies and fruits, and lots and lots of water!!


This week I'm going to be primarily juicing.  My breakfasts and lunches will all be juice based and filled with proteins and natural vitamins and minerals.  Dinner is a little trickier. First couple days will still only be juice (really hittin' this reboot!). And then, the end of the week is going to transition to raw veggies - hello salads!!  

For my smoothies, I'll be including one of my favorite protein powders, Aloha!

I've been using Aloha for years and LOVE it! Not only does it taste amazing (they have a chocolate flavor as well), but it's a completely vegan product. In addition, the company does a fantastic job to make all of their packaging environmentally friendly and completely recyclable. I just recently discovered that Target carries Aloha (as if I need another excuse to spend time in Target!). Otherwise, check out their products here :) 

This morning in my breakfast smoothie I used Aloha Vanilla along with an apple, banana, strawberries, almond milk, and spinach. 

So easy and so delicious, y'all! Stay tune for lots of yummy smoothie recipes and ideas