Happy Easter!

There's nothing I love more than carrying on holiday traditions. I used to love when my Mamaw would bring my sisters and me Easter baskets filled with little trinkets and, of course, lots of sweets and candy. So, whether it be for roommates or best friends (and this year my good friend's daughter and my boyfriend, Anthony's, sons) I L-O-V-E crafting a cute, little, Easter Basket.

Similar to it's cousin, the Christmas stocking, Easter baskets have many affordable options. I collected some goodies from the Dollar Tree, Walgreens, Marshalls, Michaels (always keep an eye open for their daily discounts! Snagged these baskets for 50% off, y'all!!), and Target (gracious, that place pulls me in every time!).  

Find a canvas (a basket, or tin pail, plastic bin, use your imagination!) and then use as many ribbons and thrills as your heart desires :) 

Y'all. I scored these precious little name plates at Michaels for $1.50.  They'll be cute for labeling dishes at a brunch or dinner party later!

The boy's baskets got some more ribbon, but a little girl's basket can never have enough frills. So, for Jordan I made a little banner and added silk flowers to tie it all together.

Jordan's is filled with  sparkly stickers, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and a big puzzle- perfect for a little toddler :)

Btw, let me tell y'all, it is SO hard to fill these baskets and eggs with chocolate, and Reese's, and Jelly Beans, and not eat all of them myself.  This year I gave up desserts and sweets for Lent so this is torture, y'all!!  Counting down though..24 hours left! Wish me luck! 

Izayah and Ayden (Anthony's sons) are a bit older. And since they are avid Walking Dead fans, this year they're getting the next Walking Dead book and Nerf guns!!...If you follow me on IG or Snapchat, be on the look out for an inevitable Nerf war that will ensue...because of course I got Anthony and I guns too...ssshhhhh!!

Happy Easter and happy hunting, y'all! xo