Y'all. It's cold. And it's Spring! What a tease this new season is being to me!! I sure do love New York, but these cold days definitely have me missing my sweet, warm sunshine. In these past couple weeks I think we've experienced three different seasons sometimes within the same day! (And you tell me global warming isn't real? hmmmm..)

How's a girl supposed to know what to wear now? For a planner, this is the worst! I never can seem to find the perfect outfit for the weather. Unfortunately, I've just accepted defeat (for now at least) and continuously bring extra layers just in case- cuz y'all, I HATE being cold. 

Don't get me wrong, I love snow.  The way it makes tree branches glisten and roofs look like gingerbread houses. So gentle and peaceful.  BUT, when it's Springtime, my alarm is ringing for sunshine and daisies. Who's with me? ;) 

I'm sure I'll miss being curled up under blankets with a cup of hot tea soon enough.  But for now, I'm excited to carry a few less layers. (my favorites recently have been my sherpa and beanie ) And here's to hoping tomorrow brings more Springtime our way!


wintery, 'springtime' view off my porch + this MASSIVE icicle

wintery, 'springtime' view off my porch + this MASSIVE icicle