Fun Weekend Finds

To begin, Anthony and I love going to the Habitat for Humanity's ReStore.  They always have so many fun goodies and special finds.  For instance, I happen to stumble across this beautiful antique Singer sewing machine.  Made me think of my Mamaw's house when I was young. Her diligent fingers creating clothes, curtains, and quilts that my sisters, mom, and aunt use all the time.  So thankful for the many memories of playing at her house and her teaching me how to sew.  

...If I had the space in my NY apt, this might have come home with me! 


One piece we did take with us was this beautiful lamp that reminded me of my parent's house.  Low and behold, I learned that my mother owns one EXACTLY like it! ..glad to know I'm not crazy!! I KNEW I had seen that somewhere!

This day was just full of sentimental feelings for me.  So, after convincing Anthony that he needed this for his apt, we took this beaut home :)..such a special find!!


Before getting home, I had him stop by Target, where I found the perfect lampshade!! What'cha think??...I think it came together nicely for him. :) 


I'd be lying if I said I didn't have another reason for visiting Target.  I knew that the new Chip and Joanna Gain's line, Hearth & Hand, had JUST been released.  I just HAD to peep what goodies they had displayed.  

Ya'll.  I was NOT disappointed.  These products are brilliant!  Their holiday decorations are timeless. And their home goods are simple and beautiful. if I need another reason to visit Target!


Perfect! Am I right?! ..Now looking for a reason to go back and take it all home with me.  :)


What are your favorite pieces from their line this season?? / What is your favorite line at Target??