Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for my recent trip home for Thanksgiving. It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to be with my family for this holiday. In addition, I got to help my family decorate the Christmas tree. So many fun memories are tied to all of our colorful ornaments and decorations that our family has collected over the years.  


This year, instead of opting for the tradition fir tree, my parents decided to try one that was indigenous to the Georgia mountains- the Murray Cyprus. I think it turned out rather pretty, dontcha think??


My goodness am I thankful for this next one!- my sister and brother-in-law adopted a new sweet kitten! I so loved getting to cuddle with her! I mean, can that face get any cuter?!


When I returned home from Georgia, I was greeted by a package from my dear friend, Olga. (She has invited me onto her YouTube channel a few times. You can find the videos here, here, and here) She sent me this print, which I adore. So so thoughtful! Thank you, Olga!


                       Necklaces  //  Candle

                      Necklaces // Candle

Lastly, as I’m switching gears into Christmas, I’m so thankful for these precious Christmas plates that Anthony bought for me! My mom and Grandmother have had this set for years!! Being able to serve on these dishes makes me feel like I’m carrying on the tradition. 


Cheers ya’ll!